Ready to File Your Taxes for 2020? Remember your Crypto Action!

As you get ready to file this year’s tax return? Have been active in Cryptocurrency? You need to be aware of what obligation you may have to report on your US tax Form 1040.

I have found an outstanding ad video to use to guide you through figuring your taxable events.  I am not posting this to support the product being sold, but for the content of the video. I claim no expertise in these taxable matters and only share this for the excellent information given.

This company also has a detailed blog for more information located at .

Collecting BTC to take advantage of the rising value is a way to build wealth. Any investment of this type has risk involved due to the up and down values of cryptocurrency.  Always do your due diligence before taking any risk.  I have been recommending two platforms for acquiring BTC.  Both are due to launch their platforms before or on February 1, 2021. Here are links for you to explore the value of joining one or both Bitlocity or Qtrex. (Click on the name of your interest).  Bitlocity and/or Qtrex

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