Funds are Quietly Buying Bitcoin in Large Amounts

Major Universities asset funds are buying up BTC at record rates, matching many investment funds and businesses. This is good news.

While BTC is hovering around $30,000-$35,000  small investors are taking profits from the rising and falling prices as BTC hovers. They buy on dips and sell on high points, using profits to buy more BTC on the drops. Watching the charts in this environment is interesting at best as larger groups and holders of BTC get into the action. 

Looking at the Bitcoin Treasuries list of BTC holders, we see that Square, Inc. and Greyscale Bitcoin Trust some of the largest holders of BTC and other Cryptocurrencies.  With BTC at $31,856, at this writing, imagine what Greyscale’s holding of 616,558 BTC is worth today!

I believe that now is the time to collect as many assets in BTC and other cryptos, as well as Gold and silver, as possible while it is at “affordable” prices. Nation’s fiat currencies are plummeting while Crypto and hard precious metal asset values are increasing as others see the supply decreasing.

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