How Do you get Around Facebook ?

“Edge Ranking” in Facebook Ranks You as a User and Doesn’t Show and will Limit Who Sees Your Posts!

Are you aware that Facebook ranks you as a Facebook user? They also don’t show or severely limit your posts if you rank too low on their ranking system. They also do not show your ads if you have links to your products in your post. Even though there are over 1.7 Billion active Facebook users and 968 Million users every day, your ads may not get seen.

However, there are 5 new profiles made every second of every day so the potential of being seen is highly likely if you do the right thing when you post.  Facebook likes your posts to be fun, personal, shocking, different, entertaining, informational or smart to get higher on the ranking. The formula looks something like this: E=affinity x weight x decay (E=edge).

Affinity relates to how often fans  or friends interact with posts you make. Facebook watches how many will “Like”, “Comment”, and “Share” your posts.

Weight refers to the value of your post-is it fitting the criteria and has a picture, video or text of value to the reader.

Decay, refers to whether you are getting priority by posting each day up to 3 times per day. So by following the advice above for liked Facebook posts and your post interactive posts, you will increase your edge and get more eyeballs on your future posts.

The Secret to Getting Around Links In Your Ads That Get Blocked By Facebook

NOW for the secret to getting around placing links in your posts. Use this idea, which has been tested and proven effective: when placing a JVZoo link, or other affiliate links like my JV affiliate link to this traffic product that I use, which Facebook blocks, do this

https://jvz9 .com/c/93271/270207 (put the space before the .com followed by the note in parenthesis), “Please remove the space and copy and paste into your browser to get benefit from my secret.” Your link with the space will be shown by Facebook as a non-clickable link and look like more words in your post. This works and you will get reliable optins to your product.

Click this link to see a demonstration video of Traffikrr  (the JV link in the above example)

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