Best Ways For Beginners To Make Money Online

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If you are a beginner intending to make money online or aspiring to make money online but haven’t yet succeeded in your quest, look no further. I am about to reveal to you the 3 ways to start generating affiliate income in less time than you think. We are in the information Age and the internet as we know it is primarily about information and the consumption of information is what is selling on the internet.


The wealth and quality of information on the internet make it possible for us to carry out researches on any topic or niche we would like to delve into.

The internet is full of hungry people looking for information relating to their hobbies, bargains, advice on how tos, and much more. The hunger for information on the internet is therefore going to be the reason why a beginner will be capable of making money online in no time at all.

We read about on-line marketers making affiliate commissions all the time by selling digital products and we wish we can do the same. The smartest thing to do is to find out who has already been successful and then copy what they do.

Digital information products are downloadable products like ebooks, videos, audios or audiobooks and there are digital products for every hobby on the internet. But that is not all, ClickBank makes this process very easy, by registering as an affiliate, you can promote digital products and earn affiliate commissions.


ClickBank is known to be the number one website for selling digital products. Registration is free and you get to choose your affiliate nickname.

ClickBank also has tutorials available on their website to make it easy for a beginner to navigate their website easily. Whiles on the ClickBank website you will be taught how to choose a profitable product and the difference between ‘gravity’ and ‘sale’. You may want to promote popular digital products on ‘how tos’ for example how to learn Spanish, how to learn french, or the best digital baby monitor.

To find out more information about what is current; go to Google Trends for ideas. Another smart approach is to subscribe to the mailing lists of successful internet marketers because this will expose you to the pulse of the market.

After choosing a digital product based on whatever variable you choose, for example: ‘popularity’, ‘gravity’, ‘sale’ with your ‘affiliate link’ embedded, you will now be in a position to promote the product to earn an affiliate commission using Web 2.0 Sites.

Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 sites are free to register. They have high page rank (PR) and are trusted by all the search engines therefore promoting an affiliate product on one of these websites is highly recommended. The procedure is to write an article about the affiliate product you are promoting, or a fair assessment of the product. Highlight how it will help the intended user, elaborate on the benefits, and in most cases state its shortfalls.

Customers will always prefer an honest opinion and don’t try to sell or push the product. It will also help to display images of the affiliate product you are promoting as this can be obtained from the ClickBank affiliate’s promotional link page. When this process is complete and your site is ready you can then send traffic to the Web 2.0 site using article marketing techniques.

In conclusion

Here are the 3 best ways for a beginner to make money online promoting Internet affiliate products. Research the digital product and use ClickBank to help you in making the best choice of a product that is selling. Create a Web 2.0 site and start promoting your product. You can follow this process without any initial outlay on your part or adapt it according to your expertise and budget and start making money in an online niche market of your choice.

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